The design

Glass design is more than standard doors and windows.

It’s about light, air and space – enhancing home design and creating a beautiful ambience in every room. With the outdoor area situated on the home’s southern side, the challenge for this project was optimising natural light while maintaining energy efficiency. Light is our speciality at Glass Co Metro, and we relish coming up with creative solutions to builder problems.

How we brought design to life

As soon as we saw the design style at The Belvedere, we were determined to do it justice.

We combined sliding doors and fixed light windows in the dining area to make a floor-to-ceiling glass “wall”, highlighting the kitchen’s soft timber finishes.

Comfort is as important as style, especially in hot weather. So we chose to double-glaze the window glass to optimise insulation and protect furnishings from damage.

The Belvedere project exemplifies how strategic glass design can transform a home. As you can see from the photos, the result is truly spectacular!

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